ZimmWriter (Lifetime Deal)

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ZimmWriter (Lifetime Deal)

Matt Zimmerman
105 ratings

The world's first AI content writing software for Microsoft Windows. It lets you use the AI provided by OpenAI right on your desktop!

It works virtually anywhere you can edit text, such as in your browser, in Wordpress, Facebook, Frase, Surfer SEO, Google Docs, Gmail, Microsoft Word, Notepad, Visual Studio, etc.

Here are some of its unique features:

#1 - Magic Command Writing

  • The bread and butter of this program. It allow you to use AI virtually anywhere in Windows that lets you enter text (e.g., MS Word, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Chrome, Firefox, a new post on Facebook, Wordpress, Notepad, etc).

#2 - Continue Writing

  • Just like the Magic Command writing above, but instead of writing a Magic Command, simply highlight something you already wrote, press the appropriate keyboard trigger, and AI will continue your thought.

#3 - Re-Writing

  • Just like the Magic Command writing above, but instead of writing a Magic Command, simply highlight something you already wrote, press the appropriate keyboard trigger, and AI will rewrite the highlighted text.

#4 - 1-Click Blog Post Generation (~2K-4K words)

  • Specify a title and AI will write a blog post

#5 - SEO Blog Writer (~1K-6K words)

#6 - Bulk Blog Writer (Up to 1,000 Articles at Once)

#7 - Local SEO Buffet (Up to 625 Articles at Once)


  • Windows 8, 10, 11, with Internet access
    • Note: It is possible to run ZimmWriter on a Mac if you follow this video guide.
  • Incompatible with Webroot
  • English language only at the moment
  • I cannot change your purchase email
  • An OpenAI API key and you must follow the OpenAI usage policies (I recommend getting your OpenAI key before buying ZimmWriter because OpenAI has been limiting signups recently. You can signup for an OpenAI account and get a key here: https://platform.openai.com/)


  • The Lifetime Deal is for the Ultimate Plan which includes every current feature and every future feature of ZimmWriter for a single one-time price.
  • The duration of "Lifetime" in the phrase "Lifetime Deal" means as long as ZimmWriter is supported by me. If you have any concerns about this, then I recommend the monthly plan (found here).
  • ZimmWriter has no limits on how much you can write. Go hog wild! This brings me to my next very important point...
  • There are a lot of AI content writers on the market, and most of them work the same way in regards to billing. They charge you to use their interface (which is kinda like renting a car). But you've got to pay their middleman fee to use the underlying AI technology, called GPT by OpenAI (which is kinda like gas). I've seen one company charge $500/month to use their writer and generate 700,000 words a month. That's insane!
  • ZimmWriter is a little different. I charge you to use the interface (the car) and then you pay OpenAI directly for the AI called GPT (the gas). No markup by me means that it's ridiculously cheap! OpenAI charges for data in + data out. As an example, for a short magic command, the cost might be $0.00056. But for a longer article (e.g., a 5,000 word article optimized for 150 keywords) the price might be $0.30. I hope it's clear by now that paying for your own usage without a markup is the smart move.
  • TLDR; You need to get an OpenAI API key to use ZimmWriter and it's super easy (here is my video guide on how to get one).
  • The license is for one user session. You can install it on multiple devices but only use one device at a time.
  • ZimmWriter allows you to choose and swap between GPT3.5 (called Davinci), GPT3.5 Turbo, and GPT-4. However, to use GPT-4 you need to apply to the OpenAI GPT-4 waitlist and then get approved (this is not necessary for GPT3.5 or GPT 3.5 Turbo).
  • I coded ZimmWriter myself, however because it operates in the background everywhere in Windows, you may need to add its executable files to an exceptions list in your virus scanner. I use Bitdefender on my computer and have never had to take this step. If you are concerned about this, please do not buy the software.

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ZimmWriter (Lifetime Deal)


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